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Internet on board

Internet package refund

Money refund for the not rendered "Internet on Board" service.

To refund the money for the not rendered "Internet on Board" service we offer you to fill in the form of refund of the package(s). This form is intended to initiate the procedure of refund of the paid cost of the "Internet on Board" service, issued exclusively through the corporate website of Uzbekistan Airways.

The amount of the refund due to you is made in accordance with the approved refund rules for the service not rendered (clause 4 of the Public offer).

This form should not be used to determine the cost of services or the amount of refund. The period of processing the refund to the bank card is not more than five working days.

Return of funds to the Client is carried out in a non-cash order, to the account of the owner of the bank card from which the payment of the cost of the service was made.

for returning the cost of the Internet on board service