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Public offer


This Public offer (hereinafter — the "Agreement") is an official offer of Uzbekistan Airways to provide the service "providing Internet access on board of the aircraft" on the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the use of Internet banking services, acting in respect of any individual who has the legal right to enter into this Agreement. Uzbekistan Airways provides interactive services on the terms defined in this offer, which contains the basic terms of the Agreement.


Airline – Uzbekistan Airways National airline.

Electronic Miscellaneous Document – Associated (EMD-A) )is an EMD associated with the passenger ticket in the electronic database of the carrier. Document existing as an electronic record in a database drawn up by the carrier or its agent authorized for the collection of various fees for services and the fees associated with the performance of the contract of passenger carriage, as well as for the refund owed to the passenger in accordance with the airline rules.

Aircraft stands for an aerial vehicle.

Order is a request, duly executed by the Client, for the services selected on the Website and associated with booking and purchasing of the Ticket at the desired price and in accordance with the applicable rules of the Carrier.

Internet package – a limited amount of Internet traffic offered to the passenger in the form of a single service, identified by a certain name.

Passenger is legally capable physical person (over 18 years) who placed the order for the services which are listed on the website of the Carrier and are related to reservation, tickets issue and the subsequent acquisition of those for personal use and not associated with entrepreneurial activity.

Rules – approved Rules, instructions and other regulatory documents of Uzbekistan Airways.

Promo code is a code consisting of 8 characters (letters and numbers) generated by a wireless Internet service provider and used as a key to access the Internet on board the Aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways.

Website – Internet resource of Uzbekistan Airways – developed, in particular, to facilitate the process of familiarizing the Customer with the Carrier's regulations, as well as for direct booking and issuing of e-tickets and for the online purchase of the related services provided by the Carrier.

Internet access service (hereinafter the Service) is a service provided on board of some types of aircraft owned by the airline, enabling the passenger to use the Internet during the flight, including a variety of Internet services, such as messengers, social networks, search services or specialized sites. At the same time, Internet access is limited by the volume of traffic included in the standard Internet packages purchased by the passenger (Lite -20 Mb, Medium-50 Mb, Stream-120 Mb, Business-220 Mb).

WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) is a provider of wireless Internet services on board of the Aircraft, which is understood as Panasonic, which provides the Internet access through its WISP portal to passengers on the flights of Uzbekistan Airways who wish to use this service and pay for it.


2.1 Internet access service is available exclusively on board of the A320 NEO aircraft.

2.2 Internet access service is not pre-booked and is purchased by the passenger having a ticket issued 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure on the website of Uzbekistan Airways and on board of the aircraft during the flight, if required.

2.3 Payment for the Internet access is made only in cashless form. Passengers who have chosen and paid for one or more of the Internet packages offered by the airline receive the access to the Internet on board of the aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways.

2.4 Brief instructions on the purchase of Internet access services are available on the website and in the booklet, placed in the pockets of passenger seats.

2.5 Internet access is available throughout the flight, except for the time of ascent, descent and landing.

2.6 The use of the Internet packages by the passengers is carried out according to the following general rules:

  • The number of standard packages purchasable by the passenger is not limited.
  • In order to access each purchased Internet package, passengers are provided with a separate promo code.
  • The validity of the Internet packages is limited by the time of the flight for which such a package was purchased. The passenger independently plans the use of the purchased Internet packages during the flight.
  • There is no refund for the unused amount of traffic in case of incomplete use of the Internet packages.
  • If the volume of the Internet package purchased by the passenger is insufficient, the passenger can purchase an additional package(s). Purchased Internet packages are used as they are activated.
  • Each Internet package is used separately. There is no summation of the unused traffic volume of the previously purchased Internet packages with the traffic volume of the newly purchased packages.

2.7 The following set of Internet packages is offered on the flights of Uzbekistan Airways:


Data transfer rate


Package volume

Fee in USD

ЕМD code


256 kbps

Рекомендуется при использовании мессенджеров.


Messenjerlardan foydalanish uchun tanlang.

Choose to use text-messaging services.

20 Mb




256 kbps

Рекомендуется для социальных сетей или посещения нескольких  сайтов.


Ijtimoiy tarmoqlar yoki bir nechta saytga kirish uchun tanlang.

Choose to use social media or visit a few websites.

50 Mb




512 kbps

Рекомендуется для он-лайн работы или легкого  интернет серфинга.


Onlayn ishlash yoki internet serfingi uchun tanlang.

Choose to work online or simply surf the web.

120 Mb




512 kbps

Рекомендуется для максимального использования возможностей этого сервиса. Не рекомендуется использование голосовых сервисов.


Mazkur xizmatning imkoniyatlaridan maksimal foydalanish uchun tanlang. Ovozli xizmatlardan foydalanish tavsiya etilmaydi

Choose to access the service with maximum capabilities. Using voice services is not recommended.

220 Mb



2.8 The service is sold:

  • Through the official website of Uzbekistan Airways to the passengers with an issued ticket 24 hours before the departure;
  • On board of the plane during the flight:
    • through the portal of Panasonic, accessible via the screens on the backs of passenger seats;
    • through the portal of Uzbekistan Airways, accessible via specially prepared tablets provided to the passengers by flight attendants.

2.9 Business class passengers are provided with an Internet package of 50 MB, as a part of a set of services stipulated for the business class passengers on board. Business class passengers can acquire any additional package in excess of these 50 MB according to the established rules.

2.10 Passengers use their personal devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to work on the Internet. Due to the availability of technical wireless Internet on board, passengers who have paid for the service and received a promo code must open the WISP portal, which provides the access to the Internet, on their personal devices, enter the promo code in the field intended for specifying the access code, after which they get the access to the commercial traffic paid by them.

2.11 If the A320 NEO aircraft had been replaced immediately before the departure with another type of aircraft or for technical reasons (such as lack of communication, failure of the airline's equipment and other reasons depending on the airline), in the first case, the passenger who paid for the service in advance or, in the second case, paid for the service on board, loses the opportunity to use it. In such cases, the airline shall refund the amounts paid for the service, without deducting penalties and in the same form of payment and in the same currency in which the service was paid. The procedure for requesting a refund depends on the sales channel of the service used by the passenger.

2.12 All cases where passengers who paid for the service of Internet access on board of the aircraft, could not use it for technical reasons, should be recorded in the logbook.


3.1 Pre-sale of services on the website of Uzbekistan Airways with payment, both in national currency and in other currencies, which are converted to pay for the services in USD, is made according to the general rules 24 hours before the flight departure, according to the schedule for passengers with a issued ticket.

3.2 The site accepts national Bank payment cards, as well as international Master Card and Visa cards to pay for the services.

3.3 Sale of services on the site is made only on those flights of Uzbekistan Airways which are performed on the aircraft equipped to provide the Internet access.

3.4 To purchase the service, the passenger enters the Uzbekistan Airways website, selects the section of the website where the service is paid, selects one of the standard Internet packages, indicates his name, e-mail address and makes the payment. After that, the sales system will automatically generate a standard airline settlement document (EMD associated with the passenger ticket) with RFISC code 032, 033, 034 or 04F, depending on the selected Internet package, and send the EMD itinerary receipt to the e-mail address specified by the passenger. Next, the passenger will be given a corresponding promo code on the screen, which should be saved (recorded or photographed) and used on board to access the Internet on the passenger's personal device (phone, tablet, laptop).

3.5 Business class passengers are provided with an Internet package of 50 MB, as a part of a set of services stipulated for the business class passengers on board. This service is only available on Board the aircraft during the flight. Business class passengers can acquire any additional package in excess of these 50 MB, according to the established rules.


4.1 Refund of the amounts paid by the passenger when purchasing the Internet package on the Uzbekistan Airways' website is made:

  • if the passenger refuses to fly on the originally selected flight;
  • if the passenger was unable to use the service due to technical failures during the flight

4.2 If the passenger refused from the flight, the refund of the amounts paid for the Internet access service is made by accessing the website of Uzbekistan Airways and filling out the form of request for refund.

4.3 If the passenger was unable to use the service for technical reasons, the decision to refund the amounts paid for the service is made after consideration of the passenger's application sent to the airline and processed in the manner prescribed by law for consideration of passenger appeals. The passenger's application must include the flight number, the date of its execution, the number of the issued EMD or a copy of the itinerary receipt.

Passenger information about the lack of access to the Internet for technical reasons is checked by monitoring the records of objective technical performance of the system and the decision on the possibility of resolving the passenger's claim is made according to the results of this test.

For more information about the terms of service, please call the airline's contact center +998 (78) 140 02 00.